Faninadahen Kosas Guåhan

In Hahasso’ Ha – We Still Remember

Narratives of WWII and Memory in Guam

Now Open, Tuesday – Sunday 10:0 AM to 5:00 PM

This exhibition looks at how the experiences of war and liberation are narrated through photos, commemorations, memorials, oral histories and music. Highlighted will be the war survivors featured in the 3rd Book of the Guam War Survivors Memorial Foundation series, “Legacy Beyond Faces” and Guam’s Wall of Strength with the names of 15,891 war survivors.

Of note will be the display of the original Horace Bristol collection of 24 photo taken in 1945 on loan from the Bank of Guam. Mr. Bristol was recruited by Edward Steichen, the most influential photographer of the 20th century, as one of five photographers to document World War II under Steichen’s command of the the US Naval Aviation Photographic Unit.  These photos were last exhibited in 2004.  Bristol’s image of heroism and patriotism also captured the devastation and resilience of Guam’s people shortly after Liberation.

Exhibition Gallery

Located on the ground floor, the Exhibition Gallery features temporary exhibits that reflects the stories of Guam’s rich and diverse culture and heritage.

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