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PAUL JACOULET: Visions of Micronesia & Asia

Opening November 10, 2017

jacoulet_portraitx633_0 paul-jacoulet dans-l-isle-de-tinian-marianes-1960 joaquina-et-sa-mere-au-sermon-du-pere-pons-rota-marianas-1947 le-chemin-a-l-eglise-chamorros-de-guam-1939 portrait-of-a-chamorro-woman-red-1934

Paul Jacoulet was one of the most prolific and provocative artists who traveled through Micronesia, including the Northern Mariana Islands, in the early 20th century. Most known for his colorful prints and watercolors, Jacoulet’s art straddles two artistic traditions—19th century Europeanpainting and 18th century Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock printing. This exhibition will feature over 100 images of Jacoulet’s prints, sketches and watercolors, as well as historic artifacts that convey the artist’s vision of the people and cultures of Micronesia as a paradise on the verge of disappearing from Japanese colonization and war.

Images from Jacoulet’s island travels dominated his artistic production. In his lifetime output of 166 published wood-block prints, over 60 feature his “South Seas” subjects fromMicronesia and Indonesia, the rest being divided among Korea, China, Japan and a very few European subjects.

The Guam Museum Foundation and the Department of Chamorro Affairs welcomes you to visit Paul Jacoulet: Vision of Micronesia and Asia.

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