Faninadahen Kosas Guåhan

Treasures of Festpac

The Guam Museum is pleased to announce our new exhibition, “Treasures of FestPac,”
Extended to May 20, 2018.

Treasures of Festpac

The Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPac) is the largest, most prestigious cultural festival in the region, which occurs every four years. In 2016, as host of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, Guam welcomed more than 3,000 delegates from 24 Pacific island nations and territories. “Treasures of FestPac” celebrates the richness and diversity of Pacific art and recounts the experiences of Guam during the festival. It showcases gifts presented to the Governor of Guam, as well as to the Guam Museum, by the delegates. Photographs by Pulitzer Prize photographer, Manny Crisostomo; FestPac associate photographers, Horst “Lee” Lemely, Benjamin Rosario, Steve Hardy, and Katherine Mafnas; Wayne Quilliam (FestPac Delegate, Australia); John Balbas; and, Herman Crisostomo are also presented in the exhibition.

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Exhibition Gallery

Located on the ground floor, the Exhibition Gallery features temporary exhibits that reflects the stories of Guam’s rich and diverse culture and heritage.

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