Para u fitme i kinemprenden i kottura yan i atten fina’tinas CHamoru, i hestoria yan i guinahan i uriyan Guahan.

“Our mission is to foster a greater understanding of the CHamoru culture and the art, history
and natural environment of Guam.”


In lili’e’ un sagan tiningo’ Guam  ni’ ha silelebra i kottura, I kostumbre, I atte yan fina’tinas, I hestoria yan I naturåt siha gi uriya sigon gi  idukasion yan gineftao I taotao  na prugråma ni’ siña manayuda  muna’kahulo’  I kotturan respetu (Inafa’maolek) yan u eppok i manmamaila’ na henerasion. 

I Hinengge Siha:

•  Takhelo’ na prugråma ni’ a’annok i resutton ineppok.

•  I Kotturan Respetu yan Inagofli’e’

•  I mamåndan Idukasion fine’nena

•  Respetu para i tiningo’ yan inestudion akademia

•  Unesto, minaolek yan etmås takhelo’na mididan prufesionåt

•  Tråtamenton pupbliku, responsåpbledåt yan hinengge

•  Inadahi yan pribiniyi

•  Angokkuyon gi manadahen guinahan kosas/tråstes

We envision a future where all people understand and celebrate Guam’s cultural heritage and natural history, and use that knowledge to ensure the future. Core values drive an institution’s strategy and decisions and contribute in a definitive manner to its success.  The very culture of the organization is determined by its values and philosophy.

The Guam Museum values and is committed to:

•   Programming excellence resulting in inspirational outcomes

•    A culture of respect and harmony

•   Education as a primary mandate

•   Trust and confidence

•   Authenticity and respect for knowledge and scholarship

•   Honesty, integrity and the highest professional standards

•   Public accountability and operational transparency

•   Responsible stewardship of all resources

Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam and Chamorro Educational Facility