Visiting The Museum

Dr. Kenichi Sudo, Director-General of the Sakai City Museum in Osaka and his wife Emiko visited the Guam Museum on Wednesday, September 20 during their circuit through Micronesia, where they traveled to Palau and Yap. Dr. Sudo spent a year on Satawal in the Caroline Islands in the 70’s and

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FREE ADMISSION to the Guam Museum

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Admission to the Guam Museum for Guam Public Library Members During September Hagåtña, Guam (1 September 2017) — The Guam Museum and the Guam Public Library System are coordinating to provide a special offer during the month of September. Deemed “Library Card Sign-up Month,” all Guam

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The Carabao Cart

Karetan Guaka Contemporary Replica Ifit, other Woods and Metal Guam Council for the Art and Humanities (CAHA) Art Bank The Karetan Guaka, also referred to as the Karetan Karabao (Carabao Cart), was the predominant mode of transportation in Guam in the 17th through late 19th centuries. Carabaos were introduced to Guam from

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Andrew T. Laguana

Builder of Storeys

Builder Of Storeys: Andrew “Andy” T. Laguaña Andrew T. Laguaña is part of the first generation of island-born architects, and the first Chamorro elevated to Fellow status of the American Institute of Architects. Since 1989, he has guided Guam’s architectural and engineering professions while defining the island’s building environment, honoring Guam’s cultural

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History’s Guardian

Antonio “Tony” M. Palomo was a noted Guam historian and the administrator of the Guam Museum for eleven years (1995 – 2007). Palomo was also a former journalist, senator and author. He wrote An Island in Agony, published in 1984, which tells of the experience of Chamorros during the Guam occupation of World

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More Than A Piece of clay

The pottery forms manufactured during the Latte Phase were more robust and less ornate compared to those of the Pre-Latte Phase.  Although the latte wares had less aesthetic quality they were more utilitarian.  Since this pottery was fired at higher temperatures, some forms could be used for cooking. Pre-latte forms,

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Children of War

Gift to the Guam Museum from Retired Brig. General C.I. Murray, USMC Two young Chamorro boys holding an American flag after the liberation of Guam in July 1944. The flags were made in secret by the boys mothers from parts of dresses during the Japanese Occupation. The flag were used

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Dr. Ramon Sablan

A Visionary Man

Dr. Ramon Manalisay Sablan (1902-1970) was the first Chamorro medical doctor. He is also remembered as an influential educator, politician, activist, linguist, and musician. Sablan, the first president of the Guam Teachers Association in 1926, was also the first to call for people to donate their historical items for a future Guam

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Painting the imaginations


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